• Jacob A.

    After my surgery, I bought a small pedal bike the other day to be more active and brought it to the office. Long story short it is 4 of us pedaling now! Welcome to the pedal club!

  • Zoey C.

    Never been into sports but at your 30s you really got to put in work just to maintain a good look and well..FEEL GOOD! I purchased a pedal bike and a few more products as I am working remotely and sitting at the desk a lot. JUST WOW! It was so easy to integrate in my daily life. It is a very smart way to burn calories and I also do it at my own pace. Thank you guys!

  • Felicia M.

    Everything that I bought from this store was a great deal. I can mix my daily chores with doing short workouts all day and it is so seamless comparing to dedicate few hours to attend gym.

About Couch Athletics

My name is Tim. I am an entrepreneur, ex-athlete and fitness enthusiast. I was diagnosed with MS two years ago. Finding new limitations in my fitness life I am constantly trying to find the best ways and products to keep myself active, fit and happy and it became a foundation of this store. My ambition is to help as many people as possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising their busy schedules and life obstacles. All products are known to be effective and easy to use. 5% of this store revenue is going to support the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Thank you for visiting this page and I wish you a joyful and productive day.

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